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With over tens of thousands of doctors nationwide using Book of Doctors, we deliver the most effective local advertising service. Our Pay-Per-Patient system gets your medical practice listed for FREE on Book of Doctors and our partner sites, charging only when you receive calls directly to your business.

How does it work?
1. Register on Book of Doctors, and get a free listing to showcase your business. Once approved, we assign a local phone number to your listing for patients to call. 2. Visitors on Book of Doctors will see your featured listing and call the tracking phone number to schedule an appointment. Calls are directly routed to your main number, and you are billed for new appointments only. 3. Track your results online and listen to recordings of all billable calls received. Guaranteed return on investment, and risk-free service to deliver new patients.

How much does it cost?
Each billable call is $30. Remember, we only bill for new appointments. Other calls such as office hours, insurance questions, directions, etc are not billed. Our systems are able to filter calls and distinguish billable calls to your account. We also provide recordings of any billed calls to guarantee our results.

What's the catch?
None. There are no contracts, no setup fees, no extra hidden fees, no processing fees, and no commitment. Cancel anytime if you are unsatisfied with our service.

How are you different from other websites?
Book of Doctors is a top rated website on all major internet search websites (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). We deliver guaranteed results with no risk. Other websites charge monthly fees to be listed in their directory, and cannot guarantee if patients schedule appointments. They are delivering empty promises at ridiculously high fees. With our system, we can make sure your advertising dollars are actually returning results to your business.

Do you require a credit card?
Yes. We automatically charge your credit card each month when there are billable calls. No calls equals no charges, and no monthly maintenance fees either. If there are any billing questions, our account managers are ready to help any time.

How do I track my account?
After registration is complete, you will be able to login online to view your billing history, view call logs, and listen to billable calls. Reports are generated once per month and an email notification is sent to you.

Basic Listing Only
If our Featured Listing product does not fit you, we offer free Basic Listings. These listings appear at the bottom of any search result and only offer name, address, and phone number. Click here to start.

More questions?
Live customer support. Call us (877) 835-5408 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST and our account managers will help answer any additional questions.