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Changing the way we look at healthcare. Bringing a new voice to patients and helping educate patients when choosing a new doctor. Take charge of your healthcare.

Book of Doctors helps patients find up-to-date information on doctors in their neighborhood. Through research, reviews and rankings, patients get a better idea of their doctor before their first visit. Our doctor directory lists physicians nationwide and displays information such as address, phone number, accepted insurance plans, office hours, education, parking type, doctor's hobbies, awards, etc. Book of Doctor's isn't like your typical physician directory or a basic list of doctors from insurance companies. We aggregate as much information as possible to help patients make the best educated decision possible.
Nearly all insurance companies list approved doctors on their website, however their information is limited to only name, address and phone number. How does this help a new patient? They are bombarded by an extremely long list of physicians in their area with no additional information to distinguish one doctor from another. For example, a doctor search in New York City may result in thousands of doctors in the area.
  • If a great doctor is only a few extra miles down the road, is it worth the drive? How would I know about this doctor?

  • What if two good doctors offered similar services, but one had a large parking lot versus street parking. Is the aggravation and wasted time looking for parking valuable to you?

  • If you're traveling and need an immediate consultation with a doctor, do you have time to ask locals or strangers nearby for a recommendation?

Great patient care isn't common to every physician and it is very difficult to sacrifice your own healthcare. There is a better solution to finding the best doctor for you.
Our doctor directory strives to carry physicians in every medical specialty, ranging from acupuncture to urology. There are over 40,000 medical practitioners nationwide and we are constantly adding new doctors daily. Registered doctors have the opportunity to add detailed medical practice information along with a rating and review option for patients. Ratings and reviews offer an inside look from patients on their experience with each doctor. No other doctor directory site is successful in combining this simple-survey review system with detailed doctor office information. We're always continuing to expand our services and strive to better inform new patients about doctors everyday.
To help new patients make their final decision as to visit a doctor, patient ratings and reviews are available to view online. Our rating system uses 14 detailed questions rated from 1-to-5 and combines the average responses to display for each doctor (all questions may not apply to each review).
  • Waiting room time
  • Doctor availability
  • Returns calls in a timely fashion
  • Personal attention during visit
  • Shows caring & compassion
  • Ability to communicate
  • Explanation/coordination of medications
  • Willingness to make referrals
  • Quality of referrals
  • Professionalism of staff
  • Accuracy of billing
  • Cleanliness of office
  • Overall Quality of Care
  • Would you recommend this doctor?
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